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Why Use A Timber Hair Brush?

Why Use A Timber Hair Brush?

Maybe you haven't thought too much about the best ways to brush your hair and the best type of brush to use.  However brushing your hair in a harsh manner or using the wrong kind of brush (like a plastic or nylon brush), can actually damage your hair.   Here are some of the reasons a plastic or nylon brush isn't so great :

  • Hair brushes made from nylon, plastic or other similar materials can damage the cuticles of your hair and eventually cause breaking or hairfall.
  • If you have thin hair, then you should definitely stay away from artificial hairbrushes, since the bristles can be very harsh on your strands.
  • The bristles of these brushes can irritate your scalp.
  • They don’t work very well at distributing the natural oils of your scalp, hence your roots tend to look greasy over time.

On the other hand here are some reasons why a timber brush like the fabulous EcoMax Timber Brushes that we stock are the best choice:

  • The brushes are handcrafted from one piece of rubber wood which is very strong and durable and belongs to the Maple family.  Being an all natural product, the brushes range in colour and have individual grains and characteristics.  There is no glue to come apart, so this brush will last for a very long time. 

  • No plastic or micro plastics.  There is no plastic used in the manufacturing of the brush or packaging materials.  The brush pins are made from bamboo which is a very fast growing, sustainable material.  The packaging is a simple swing tag and tied to the brush with jute string.

  • Did you know plastic can create a positive electrical charge, which is why your hair can become frizzy and fly away if you use a plastic or nylon brush or comb?  Wood and rubber are almost neutral, so create neither a positive nor negative charge, keeping your hair smooth and in control.

  • The bamboo pins are so much gentler to use.  Metal pins have plastic covers or tips and if those tips fall off, the metal pins can be very sharp on your scalp.
  • When you brush your hair with a rubber cushioned brush the gentle massage you are giving your scalp increases blood flow and your body’s natural ability to produce these beneficial oils.
  • EcoMax Timber brushes are designed to last for a long time, but the great thing is that once your brush has reached the end of its life, it can be thrown into your compost to break down naturally.100% Biodegradable

With 3 styles in the ECOMAX Hair Brush range, there will be a perfect one for you. You can chose between the Regular size hair brush for everyday brushing at home, a smaller, handbag or Travel size brush for a quick brush up during the day or when you are on the go or the Oval  brush without a handle that fits nicely into the palm of your hand.

All ECOMAX Brushes are Vegan and plastic free 💚


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