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Reusable Produce Bags

Unbleached Cotton Bags

Bags can be washed by hand or in the washing machine in a laundry bag.  As these are 100% cotton they will shrink slightly but pull back into shape before drying and they will stretch out again when being used.  Please do not tumble dry!

Recycled Mesh Produce Bags

Bags can be rinsed by hand or in the washing machine in a laundry bag.  Easy and quick to dry.  Please never tumble dry these bags!

Expanding Travel Drink Bottles

We've put together a great list of hints to keep all kinds of drink bottles fresh and hygienic.  These are gathered from hikers, campers and outdoor adventurers!

(Before using any bottle, always thoroughly wash with soapy water, rinse and dry before the first use).  

  • Drying and storing bottles -  When washing, drying and storing your bottle, it is recommended to let it sit without the cap on (you can even hang the cap on the clip),  Make sure the bottle is thoroughly dried between uses.
  • Hot Water & Baking Soda - approx. 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 cup water. Shake together in bottle and leave overnight. Shake again in the morning, then wash with soapy water and rinse.
  • Ice, salt & lemon - add some ice cubes, himalayan salt & slices of lemon to bottle.  Shake bottle then leave to sit overnight. In the morning wash with soapy water and rinse.
  • Denture Cleaning Tablets -  Great for freshening drink bottles. Fill a sink with water and put in drink bottles and add a few tablets.  Leave overnight to soak, then in the morning wash with soapy water and rinse.  
  • Hot vinegar - pour approx. 1/2 cup vinegar & hot water into bottle, shake for 1 minute and leave overnight.  In the morning, wash with soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Vanilla Essence - add a few drops of vanilla essence to the bottle and coat the inside.  Leave to sit overnight, then wash in soapy water and rinse.
  • To clean cap - gently take the back of a spoon or any smooth object and run around the inside edge of cap.  Gently remove silicone ring for cleaning.
  • Cleaning Brush - Using a natural fibre long handled bottle brush is particularly helpful to get into corners.

      Bamboo Cotton Make-Up Remover Pads

      • Please wash separately before first use.
      • Pads can be hand or machine washed in the mesh laundry bag provided.  If using waterproof make-up or mascara, it is a good idea to soak in a gentle detergent or even apple cider vinegar to loosen the make-up from pads.  (We keep a mason jar in the laundry for this purpose and soak used pads until ready to wash).
      • Please do not use bleach or fabric softener.
      • If possible, dry in the fresh air!

      Reusable Stretch Lids

      • Please wash before first use.
      • Lids can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. When finished, shake off any excess water and dry over a cup or glass or even hang out on the washing line!
      • Stretch lids are cold and heat safe so can be used in the microwave too!  To heat a bowl of food, lift one corner to vent before putting in microwave
      • Stretch lids are very strong and sturdy but do not use near or stretch over sharp objects or corners.
      • Enjoy the feeling of not using plastic wrap anymore :) 

      Reusable Handmade 3 layer Cloth Face Masks

      • It is preferable to hand wash masks in hot water and a mild detergent.  Gently pull back to shape and hang to dry.   Masks may also be washed in the washing machine (in a washing bag).  The washing bag prevents the masks from being tumbled around in the machine and if you are washing more than one at a time, keeps them all together.
      • It is recommended to wash dark colour masks separately for the first few washes in case any colour bleeds and therefore colours other fabrics.
      • Please do not put masks in the tumble dryer.
      • If required, masks may be ironed on a medium setting.