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Stainless Steel and Silicone Reusable Straws

At KitMaii we have reusable straws for everyone in the family!  Beautiful & stylish Stainless Steel straws in singles or sets of 4 straight or bent straws in Black, Silver, Rose Gold or Gold.

Also our fabulous sets of Colourful Silicone straws, soft, durable and safer for kids than harder straws.  Silicone straws are also suitable for people who have difficulty using harder straws. 

Australians used to love single-use straws and we were using up to 10 million straws per day!  Luckily this number is reducing as people realise it's just not good enough; the straw is only used for a few minutes then gets tossed away!  The saddest thing is those straws can end up in the oceans and rivers and harm our sea-life, birdlife or get into landfill where they take about 200 years to break down.