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  • Our Story

    We hope you'll join us in being more mindful of what we are all doing and help to improve our environment and the world we are leaving for our children and the generations to come.  Here is how we began - The Story Behind Kitmaii

Kitmaii (Kit-My)

What we stand for
Our Purpose

To source and supply useful, reusable products that are functional, attractive and good value for money.   This in turn reduces the need for disposable items and lessens the impact we have on the beautiful world around us.  There is only one, we don't get a second chance 🌱

Our Products

To provide you with high quality reusable products and alternatives to single use, disposable items.  We will constantly be on the lookout for new ideas and items to add to our range and we welcome your input too 💚

Our Promise

To offer you friendly, personalised service, speedy delivery & complete satisfaction guaranteed. We will also use reusable, recyclable & compostable items for our packaging & shipping materials 🌿