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Collapsible Drink Bottles

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How would you like a drink bottle that matches your thirst? 

It's one bottle that has a variety of sizes!  Available in 4 fabulous colours - Sky Blue, Graphite, Citrus Orange and Lime. 

  • Expands from 250ml to 550ml capacity;
  • Stainless steel leakproof cap;
  • shockproof, drop-proof;
  • Clips to your belt, bag or backpack with matching, removable carabiner clip;. 
  • Wide mouth for easy pouring, putting in ice cubes & cleaning; 
  • Convenient, strong and portable - take it traveling, camping, hiking!
  • Great for school, uni, work lunchboxes;
  • Perfect for the gym.

Collapsible Drink Bottles are made from 100% BPA free Food Grade Silicone which is a derivative of sand.  Unlike plastic, silicone doesn't contain any chemicals which can leach into our food and drinks, so it's perfect for food & drink products.  The bottle is easy to expand and collapse, is light strong and durable, dishwasher safe and suitable for cold and warm drinks.*  Great for travel, sport, gym, hiking, backpacking, outdoor activities and are also terrific for children.  *(Bottles are not recommended for very hot drinks to avoid scalding).