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Two Wildflowers Blooming Gift Tags (Mini 4 Pack)

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Each Blooming gift tag is handcrafted on 100% recycled, seeded paper in the Hello Petal studio.  Once your card has been read and loved, it is then intended to be planted for Swan River Daisies to bloom in a beautiful array of purple, pink, blue and white flowers.  It is so wonderful that your card is a gorgeous gift in itself to be loved and enjoyed in the future.

Seeded Paper: Plantable paper is 100% recycled and embedded with Swan River daisy seeds.  It has a beautiful handmade feel to it with the little seeds visible as tiny specks throughout, creating a lovely raw, earthy texture.  This paper is intended to be planted, and if so, will grow a beautiful array of daisies.    Due to the handmade nature of the recycled paper and placement of the seeds, no two cards are the same, making each piece truly unique.  

Planting instructions :

  1. Fill a pot with seed raising mix & water.
  2. Soak your hello petal card in water until completely wet & place on top of seed raising mix.
  3. Very lightly cover the card with more seed raising mix.
  4. Water IMPORTANT: ensure card stays moist and does not dry out. This will allow the seeds to germinate through the paper.
  5. Keep in a well-lit environment. A sunny corner in your home or outside basking in the sunshine.
  6. Germination should take 7-21 days with blooms at 14-17 weeks.
    Happy planting!
    (You will also find these instructions on the back of the card).
  • Plantable cards are a perfect gift for those special occasions and milestones or just because.
  • (Please note: mini cards do not include envelopes).

WA & TAS customers: Please note that there are quarantine regulations when importing seeded paper into your state. If your parcel is inspected you may incur a fee. KitMaii and Hello Petal will not take any liability for this fee.