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Handmade 3 layer cloth Facemasks

Handmade 3 layer cloth Facemasks

Handmade 3 layer cloth Facemasks



"Great masks. Beautiful materials and very well made masks. Fit over the ears and face is perfect.  Able to fit a filter in between the layers too if required" - Anusha - KitMaii Customer

Facemasks you can breathe in!

Beautiful, unique, reusable handmade 3 layer cloth facemasks made with love and care from high-quality fabrics.


  • Cotton/linen blend outside, 100% soft cotton inside
  • 3 layers with filter sleeve (for a filter, tissue, paper towel if desired)
  • extremely comfortable, lightweight & easy to breathe while wearing them
  • Each order comes in a mini reusable organic cotton produce bag


  • Adult: Approx 23 cm wide from seam to seam & 13cm high in the centre over nose area, tapering down to a width of 7.5cm at the side seam near the ear.
  • Very comfortable to wear and roomy around the nose area, elastic loops around the ears.

Wearing and Caring for your Masks:

General Care and Hygiene:

Other uses for Reusable Cloth Facemasks:

Reusable facemasks are great if you are allergic to pollen, smoke, or creating arts and crafts activities. 

* Please Note: These masks are not medical grade or a replacement for a medical-grade mask, but a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable masks for general use. 

    Our masks are handmade in small batches in two locations.  A small business in the North of Thailand makes the neutral tone masks.  The business is providing employment to locals who would normally rely on tourism, but due to Covid, very few people can visit and there are no welfare payments in Thailand. (Our family lived in Thailand for many years, so Thailand is very close to our hearts).   

    The more colourful, patterned masks are handmade here in Melbourne by very talented Julii.