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Natural Approach - Original Cream Deodorant

Natural Approach - Original Cream Deodorant - KitMaii

Natural Approach - Original Cream Deodorant


The beautiful floral and fruity aromas of lavender are captured in the Natural Approach Original deodorant. Combined with lime and Australian tea tree pure essential oils, you're bound to stay fresh and grounded. 


  • Handmade in Australia using all-natural, non-toxic ingredients to help you make a healthier choice,
  • Keeps you fresh by eliminating odour causing bacteria, and
  • Hand poured into 40 gram 'regular' & 15 gram 'mini' screw top reusable/recyclable tins.

Best way to open flat 40 gram tins:

  1. Lie the tin flat in your palm
  2. Twist open with your other palm


  • Massage a small 'pea' size amount under each armpit, after bathing or showering, just like you would apply body moisturiser.
  • Let it absorb before putting on your clothes
  • Remember LESS IS BEST!

How long will it last?

The 40 gram tins contain approximately 8 weeks worth of application, while the 15 gram tins will last 3-4 weeks (based on one application per day).

    So what's in it?

    • Raw unrefined virgin coconut oil*
    • Premium liquid coconut oil
    • Ethically sourced shea butter *
    • Tapioca*
    • Sodium Bicarbonate*
    • Locally sourced beeswax
    • Natural Vitamin E
    • 100% pure essential oils: lavender*, lime*, & tea tree*
    • (* indicates certified organic)

    What's NOT in it:

    • NO Aluminium salts
    • NO Paraben
    • NO Synthetic fragrances
    • NO Palm oil
    • NO Nasties!

    Handmade with love in Mildura, Victoria, Australia.