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Facemask - Pretty Floral

Facemask - Pretty Floral

Facemask - Pretty Floral


Beautiful, unique, reusable handmade 3 layer cloth facemasks made with love and care from high-quality fabrics.


  • Cotton/linen blend outside, 100% soft cotton inside;
  • 3 layers with filter sleeve (for a filter, tissue, paper towel if desired);
  • extremely comfortable, lightweight & easy to wear;
  • Each order comes in a mini reusable organic cotton produce bag.
  • Grab a facemask strap too - you will never forget your mask!


  • Adult: Approx 23 cm wide from seam to seam & 13cm high in the centre over nose area, tapering down to a width of 7.5cm at the side seam near the ear.
  • Kids: 18cm x 10cm (7cm near the ear); usually fits approximately 4-9 year olds.
  • Very comfortable to wear and roomy around the nose area, elastic loops around the ears.

Most people have 3-5 facemasks to keep in rotation - wear, wash, dry, repeat.