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Expanding Travel Drink Bottle

Expanding Sport Drink Bottle Australia

Expanding Travel Drink Bottle


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How would you like a drink bottle that matches your thirst? 

Here is the ultimate travel drink bottle.  It's one bottle that has a variety of sizes!  Grows from 250ml to 550ml capacity and back down again and available in 4 fabulous colours - Sky Blue, Graphite, Citrus Orange and Lime. 

  • Stainless steel leakproof cap;
  • shockproof, drop proof;
  • Clips to your belt, bag or backpack. 
  • Comes with a matching removable carabiner clip;
  • Wide mouth for easy pouring, ice cubes & cleaning; 
  • Convenient, strong and portable!
Bottles are made from 100% BPA free Food Grade Silicone which is made from sand.  Unlike plastic, Silicone doesn't contain any chemicals which can leach into our food and drinks, so it's very safe for your family.  The bottle is easy to expand and collapse, is light strong and durable, dishwasher safe and suitable for cold and warm drinks.*  Great for travel, sport, gym, hiking, backpacking, outdoor activities and are also terrific for children.  *(Bottles are not recommended for very hot drinks to avoid scalding).