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Eco Friendly Bags

Don't we all love bags that look great but are super functional too?  

Black Canvas Mesh Tote is super strong, holds at least two plastic bags worth of items, but looks so good you'll be taking it out for lunch!

Jute Shopping Bag holds loads, has wide straps that don't cut into your shoulder, so even when full, it's very strong and comfortable to carry.  The handy pockets on the inside are great for your bottles, eggs or even your keys, phone and wallet. 

Reusable Produce Bags this was the first little change we made.  It was easy to swap the plastic single use bags in the fruit and veggie area of the supermarket or market for reusable bags.

We have two types of reusable produce bags - Organic Unbleached Cotton and Recycled Mesh (these amazing bags are made from recycled plastic water bottles so they help to reduce the waste that's already out there)!   

Did you know shoppers worldwide are using approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags each year? That's about a million bags every minute across the globe.  So by changing to reusable produce bags, we can help stop those plastic bags ending up in the ocean and landfill.  

Click on each to see the best ways to use them - keep your produce clean, neat and tidy from market to fridge.