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Natural Approach Cream Deodorant

Natural Approach Cream Deodorants contain ONLY safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients which actively work together to keep you fresh and confident all day.  It is so reassuring to know exactly what you are putting on your body!

Natural Approach are deodorants not antiperspirants, so they are designed to eliminate odour causing bacteria and keep you dryer by absorbing moisture.  They will not block your sweat glands so your body can now breathe and sweat naturally, like it's supposed to.

They are available in 40 gram 'regular' tins (which are fabulous for using at home) or 15 gram 'mini' tins (great for the gym or travel)!

They never test on animals and never will, just smelly, fun-loving humans!

Natural Approach deodorants are all hand poured into reusable, recyclable, screw top tins and handmade with love in Mildura, Victoria.